Welcome to a SPACE where health is the only goal.

A space where there is no us vs them.
No Vegan vs Carnivore.
No Alternative vs Conventional.
No Medication vs Food.

Just the best of each approach united to create the most personalised plan for you individually.

Health X. Bridging the gap between conventional and functional medicine.

Health is more than just what you eat.

It’s a combination of everything from your grandmothers’ health, how well you sleep,
to what you eat, drink, touch, breathe, think, feel and do.

So a comprehensive health plan should take all of these points into consideration.

The best of functional health services

Health x You
Health x DNA
Health x Athlete
Health x Body Academy


Health Coaching

Personalised 1-1 health coaching:
The key to lasting change.
Get the motivation and support you need to reach your health goal.


DNA Analysis

Learn about your genetic risk for diseases and tailor your health plan to radically improve your health.


Fitness Coaching

Tennis, Bodybuilding, Ironmans, Golf, optimising athletic performance starts with optimal recovery and health.


Body Academy

Health coaching upgraded. Education portal, with monthly mastermind calls with all the same benefits of 1-1 coaching.
Coming soon!

Larn was the first coach I had who really taught me what was going on in my body from my blood work and symptoms. I lost 7kg effortlessly and feel amazing!



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About me

Larn McShane

Larn studied nutrition and dietetics in the USA in 2010 on a tennis scholarship and continued to play professional tennis
on the challenger circuit whilst undergoing further studies in genetics, blood work, personal training, biomechanics and biomedicine.
She has competed in natural bikini competitions and worked with athletes from bodybuilding, tennis, triathlons and Iron Mans to optimise performance.
She is now also a coach for the Institute of Health as an educator for Health Coaches whilst continuing her formal education in medicine at Griffith University.