Larn is an excellent teacher, she is very sympathetic and warm-hearted. Her lessons are never boring, she is very creative and offers playful exercises and a diverse workout. If possible, I’d love to join her classes several times a week. Larn, THANK YOU!!

Silvi- Bootcamp

Training with Larn has been one of the best eye-opening experiences to understand how my body works and to demystify many false common beliefs and ideals. Helping me to accept myself and acknowledge my own achievements.

Daniela- Nutrition and Personal Training

I had previously tried different weight loss strategies but failed. I felt lethargic and experienced shortness of breath after climbing stairs. I hadn’t worked out for a while but Larn was able to meet me where I was at and gradually increased goals and intensity ...

S.E- Nutrition and Personal Training

Larns calm and gentle manner created a safe environment to explore how mindsets might be linked to my motivation. She was caring, positive, uplifting and encouraging throughout the whole process.

Sue- Nutrition Coaching

I am able to fit in clothes I couldn’t wear anymore and feel vibrant, fit and am able to do daily activities without almost fainting and feel like there has been an overall increase in self- improvement. It is with confidence that I can recommend ...

J- Nutrition and Personal Training

Larn helped me to build up muscles and body mass in a very quick time. She combined very extensive nutrition knowledge with a good set of exercises and supported me with her winning positive personality to reach my goals!

Rob- Nutrition and Personal Training

Sie weiss dich mit ihrer motivierenden Art, ihrem grossen Fachwissen, ihrem Humor und positiver Ausstrahlung zu bewegen, dein Leben umzukrempeln und langfristig zu ändern. Seit über drei Jahren bin und bleibe ich dran. Und dies nur dank Larn! Larn ist und bleibt für mich die ...

Sandra- Nutrition and Bootcamp