My Story

I was literally born into the fitness industry with my Mum being a personal trainer and aerobics fitness champion. Over the last 20 years, I have seen the same fads, the same untruths, the same misinformation recirculated to create a never-ending circle of confusion for the public when it comes to true health. I have also fallen victim to many of these untruths, which looking back on my life- ALL of my injuries and illnesses could have been avoided through correct training, technique, recovery and nutrition.

From age 12-19 I was training to be a professional tennis player, but couldn’t string more than 2 weeks of training together without injury or illness. Stress fractures in both feet, torn abdominal muscles, a multitude of rotator cuff injuries, such high CRP blood results the doctors thought I had Leukaemia, constant stomach pain after eating, constant bloating, severe acne, eczema, tiredness and premature ageing are some of the symptoms I simply took for normal every day and no doctor or coach was able to give me a good reason as to why I felt like this.

Since my first ‘accidental’ eating disorder, in fear of not wanting to get ‘fat’ after breaking both feet, I stopped eating fats and ate less than 1000 calories a day for months. My injuries did not heal month after month until I began researching bone health and began to understand how important fat-soluble vitamins are for bone health. From this point on I became fascinated with nutrition and strength training.

I went down the standard nutrition education route of sports science and human nutrition but in 2014 I reached the unhealthiest point of my life during my bachelor of science in nutrition and dietetics in the USA. Since ending my formal studies I set out on a mission to uncover and promote a greater understanding of the human body and holistic nutrition.

What do I do?

I am a health, fitness and sports coach with the goal of teaching people how to be the driver of their own health and physique. I want you to see through the seas of ill-informed information and put an end to any self hindering prophecies, reoccurring injuries, symptoms and failed weight loss attempts.

My coaching is based on giving you all the tools you need to understand your body. My goal is not to keep you as a client but rather educate you to the point you feel confident in your knowledge to make long-lasting decisions to help you maintain and exceed your goal.

I will also not make you any unrealistic promises but give you all the support and knowledge you need to change any habits necessary for your long term success. Your success ultimately comes down to you.

My Ethos

I strive to be a source of honest information from where I can help you understand the reason, we as a population are sick and the original reason behind your symptoms. Doctors and hospitals are equipped to diagnose the sick and operate on the injured but there must be more recognition and education on how to prevent illness and create optimal health. We need to be able to understand where our problems are coming from and not simply accepting them as something we ‘have’ and cannot change. I am part of a new generation of holistic health practitioners aiming to coach you to truly understand your health to not just be normal but optimal.

My Approach

Every person is different. Different life experiences, lifestyles, habits, jobs, stressors, predispositions, symptoms, deficiencies, preferences etc etc. This is why my coaching starts with understanding each person as a whole; biomechanically, physiologically and emotionally and not simply looking at individual symptoms or implementing generalised plans.

I take into consideration all information available to tailor a program to suit the goal. Previous history, lifestyle and physiological make-up (from neurotransmitter regulation, gastro-intestinal health, inflammatory levels, pH to hormonal imbalances). My programs are formulated with a combination of nutrition, training and holistic lifestyle implementations.

Throughout the program, we continue to conduct assessments, ensuring that the strategies implemented are bringing maximum results.


In 2009 I started my own business and have been continually updating my knowledge with certifications, seminars, courses, private mentorships and personal coaching with the best coaches and educators in the holistic health industry. My experiences from training as an athlete for tennis and bikini competitions have also given me a great amount of experience and empathy throughout the process of transformations.

  • California State University Los Angeles, Human Nutrition
  • East Tennessee State University, School of Dietetics
  • Primal Health Coach Certification
  • Clean Health Fitness Institute, Performance Nutrition 1
  • Clean Health Fitness Institute, Performance Nutrition 2
  • Biolayne, Science of Nutrition
  • Biolayne, Training the Physique Athelete
  • Jake Carter, Gut Health
  • Jake Carter, Womens Health
  • Jake Carter, Mental Health
  • Posturepro, Brain Coach Performance
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  • The Foot Collective, Health from the feet up
  • Allistair McCaw, McCaw Method
  • Allistair McCaw, Private Mentoring
  • Eugene Teo, Muscle Mechanics
  • ACE, Personal Training
  • Mark Carroll, Private Coaching
  • Jake Carter 12 months private mentoring
  • Christian Meier, 12 months private coaching
  • Jake Doleschal, Private Mentoring
  • Perry Nickelson, Fluid Force system (2021)
  • Posturepro level 1 (2021)
  • Posturepro level 2 (2021)
  • McGill Method (2021)
  • Tennis Australia, Club Professional
  • Tennis Australia, Junior Development
  • Swiss Tennis, B Trainer
  • Swiss Tennis, C Trainer
  • NRG Tennis, Grundausbuilding