Build your Booty- home workout 1


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What is popular or trending on the Gram may not actually be the most helpful or productive workout for you. Don’t get me wrong there are a hell of a lot of damn good home workouts out there but I want you to use your crap detector to find the right workout for you! Don’t be fooled by something that looks complicated. When it comes to building curves, the basics and consistency will win every time.

Here are some home exercises will actually help your booty that you don’t need lots of weight for:

Hip thrusts (normal, single-leg, banded)

Glute bridges (normal, single-leg, banded)

Split squat variations (Bulgarian, reverse, front foot elevated)

Single leg deadlifts


Banded hip abductions

Reverse hyperextensions

Glute Dominant Squat variations (Goblet squats)


Be consistent with those exercises 3-4x a week for 1-5 years using progressive overload and then you can start to progress with glute improvements!  There are no shortcuts to nice glutes and legs. Being lean enough to see the muscle and having enough muscle to see shape are the keys. Both require time and consistency.