Buckwheat protein crepes

Buckwheat protein crepes

Do you ever wake up and decide to wing a recipe?

Today I woke up and decided it was crepe day! Didn’t feel like a pancake but wanted the main meal to be the filling so that means crepes!

As it was improvised I will also give you the improvised recipe as it worked very well!


60g buckwheat flour

30g tapioca flour

20g honey

20g protein powder

as much almond milk as needed until you have a runny paste.

No oil is needed to make the crepes:

Just get a hot nonstick pan

Take as much mixture as you need to make the crepe the size you want

Spread the mixture out on the pan

Flip the crepes once the edges start lifting

Leave them for another 20-30s and viola! Crepes!

I added vanilla buffalo yoghurt with berries, some Brazil nuts and chocolate- it was perfect!