Bounty Bars

My clients often ask me- ‘Larn, can I eat this?’ My answer is always ‘of course you can, but will you feel good after eating it?’

Our bodies have many ways of communicating what is good for us and what isn’t. We have just become so good at ignoring and masking these signals with drugs, distractions and constant fixes of hyper-palatable foods that we no longer know how to listen to our bodies signals and or what they mean.

Food in many cases has also moved away from its original purpose of fueling our cells to provide us with the nutrients we need to grow, repair and function optimally- to fast, easy sources of energy to simply feel full and satisfied for a moment. Many products on the market are a distant resemblance of what ‘food’ should be.

What does this mean for recipes? No- I’m not suggesting we go and pick rice off the plant and cook it on a wood stove. I am a fan of making our favourite modern recipes healthy, that they not only serve our bodies from a cellular level, but they are also quick and tasty.

This is one of my childhood favourites- Bounty was always the one in the celebrations pack that got eaten first!


With the idea from a fitness friend, we have turned the common Bounty Bar into a nutrient-packed treat! Perfect for a snack or an addition to a meal that needs fats! This no-bake chocolate bar will not leave you disappointed!

Step 1


80g Grated coconut

75g Coconut cream

20g Coconut oil

30g Vanilla Whey protein

25g Erythritol

1/4 tsp Vanilla


– Add all ingredients together and mix until smooth

– Put mixture in to silicon chocolate bar moulds and in to the freezer for 5-10 minutes

*You can also freeze them longer there will be no difference

Step 2


140g 70% dark chocolate

White chocolate for decoration



-Melt the dark chocolate slowly

-Whilst the chocolate is melting, take the bars out of their moulds and wash the silicon mould ready for the chocolate

-Pour 2/3 of the chocolate into the moulds and make sure the chocolate covers all corners and sides

-Place the frozen coconut bars in to the chocolate filled moulds and pour the remaining chocolate evenly over the top

-Let the chocolate bars set in the fridge and then- ENJOY!

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