Best Gluten Free Pancakes Ever

I’m a fan of anything you can put chocolate in, around, on or through. So of course pancakes are on the list- and after many years of experimentation 2020 proved to be the year of having enough trial meals to make it right!

I have found the flour makes a massive difference- I mean the flour is like half the recipe, but some gluten-free flours are very heavy and others are too dry or the taste is too powerful. Buckwheat and coconut flour, for example, are fantastic, but in this ratio, they overpower the taste of the pancake and I find the texture too heavy.

The flour in this recipe is a mix of different gluten-free flours


80g Gluten-free flour

1 egg

1tsp Honey

140g Almond milk

1/2tsp Bicarb soda

1/2tsp Baking soda

1tbsp Lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together and let the mixture sit for about 10mins. You will notice it gets much thicker as it stands which makes the pancakes a bit thicker and fluffier.

In a hot non-stick pan put some coconut oil in and spoon the panckes into the size that you like. I prefer them smaller so it looks like I have more to eat.

Flip the pancakes when they are almost full of bubbles. Leave then 1-2 minutes on the other side and then they are ready!

Serve them with whatever you like! You can also put choc chips or blueberries in the pancake mixture and take them to work or school as a snack.